interview: alina alamorean, jewelry designer.

by Ashkan.

In creating jewelry that is equally provocative, pure, extravagant and startling, Alina Alamorean, believes in nothing more than freedom; particularly from conventionality, “I hate decoration,” she affirms. Alamorean’s work is a dichotomous celebration of light and dark, the beautiful and the erotic, open and heavy. The Romanian-born designer – who is based in Paris – fled her native country’s dictatorship to find a new life in France where she studied jewelry design and launched a thriving company. Since 2007, Alamorean has won several industry awards including one for a decadent piece titled “The Invincible Cape,” made entirely of iron, black velvet,  and 984 carats worth of diamonds. I caught with the designer in the City of Lights… For more of Alamorean’s work, visit galerie bsl.

Qualities you most admire in design : Sincerity.

Qualities you least admire in design:  Strategy.

Currently reading: Explicit  Erotic and Sex Collection – Chat Soleil Edition .

Favorite virtue: Love.

Favorite vice: Love and sex.

What inspires you? My lover and the desert, the beauty that surrounds me, Bill Tong, Constantin Brancusi and   Richard Serra.

Favorite fashion era : The Thirties.

Where is your favorite destination?  My bed and the ocean.

If you could travel in time backward or forward, where would you go? The Queen Margot era.

What is your most marked characteristic?  Sexual energy.

If you could come back as an object, what would it be? A sexual object.

What is your favorite drink? Water.

What can’t you travel without? My Visa card.

What trend would you like to see disappear? All trends.

Favorite look of all time: Black top with black jeans and black heels.

What is your current obsession or addiction? My lover.

If you could wake up tomorrow anywhere, where? On the beach in front of the ocean.

What is your most treasured possession? The love I feel.

Who is your favorite superhero? My fucking damned lover!